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Our Lab
Our Lab

Photo: Charles Tellier

Photo: Christophe Thiriet
Christophe THIRIET (CR1)

The research laboratory “Protein Engineering and Functionality Unit” (UFIP) is a mixed research unit belonging to the University of Nantes and the CNRS. It was established on January 1st, 2012 for 2 years as FRE CNRS No.3478, and became UMR CNRS No.6286 on 1st of January 2014.
UFIP is located on the Science campus of the University of Nantes. This campus also hosts the chemistry and computer sciences CNRS laboratories, thus facilitating the activities of UFIP at the interface of chemistry and bioinformatics. It is also a member of the Federative Research Structure F. Bonamy (FED 4203 / UMS 016 Inserm / CNRS 3556), which federates all the research units in Health and Biology from the University of Nantes and coordinates their life sciences technological platforms.
UFIP is a unit that aimed to develop basic research in biology and in biotechnology. Its primary target was to investigate protein function and the modulation of their biological activities in relation to their interactions and their modifications namely through post-translational modifications or engineered mutations. Its activities also included the development of tools (in bioinformatics and biotechnology) in relation to these topics.

UFIP is organized in 4 teams and hosts one technological platform.

UFIP teams and platform: