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Our offers:

UFIP currently offers one engineer/Postdoc (M/F) fixed-term contract.

  • Bioinformatics Analyst of whole genome sequences (ChIP-seq, Methylome, RNA Seq and Meta omics Data)

    General information

    Date of publication : Thurday, February 28, 2019
    Position duration : 12 months, renewable up to 36 months
    Expected date of employment : As soon as possible
    City : Nantes
    Contact Name : Leila Tirichine Delacour
    Contact email :

    Downloadable contract description: CDD_bioinfo_team5.pdf

  • Job Description :

    A position of engineer/post doc in bioinformatics is opened in the team of "Epigenomics of microalgae and interactions with the environment".
    We are looking for a highly creative and motivated bioinformatics analyst to work on high throughput data including ChipSeq, RNA seq, methylome and meta omics data generated in microalgae species. The ideal candidate will have experience with analysis of large datasets, strong programming skills (R/Bioconductor, Python, Perl, C++, UNIX, Bash scripts) and proficiency in big data integration, interpretation and visualization.
    The candidate must be either a biologist with a strong experience in bioinformatics, or a bioinformatics analyst with a strong background in biology.
    The candidate must have a first experience in the analysis of NGS data (in particular of ChIP-Seq type) and have strong programming skills, especially in Python or R. He/she must also show an interest in the development of new approaches.
    The candidate must be motivated by the biological questions and is expected to work collaboratively with other team members.


    Interested candidates should send a detailed CV (education, work/research experience and skills relevant for the position, list of publications) along with a cover letter and contact details of 2 to 3 referees to Leila Tirichine Delacour ()